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I became a writer to SHARE with the world my creative work!

But just as important as my work, your VOICE is just as important!

Go to the 'Contact Page'; email me your comments and/or reviews about my books/merchandise and it will be added to this page.

"Silk" is a touching and lighthearted story about a group of young ladies, who considers themselves 'sisters' and are friends.  It is a short story that touches on relationships with men and some of the emotions that women go through in dealing with them.  She does a great job in keeping it interesting and funny, while showing us all the one thing that helps them remain friends."

DJ Jeff Gatsby Book Club 

'Book of The Month' (September, 2015)



"I recently read Athena Dent's book, "Francesca's Journey".  The story follows a young girl as she deals with the loss of her mother and perseveres despite the almost overwhelming odds facing her.  The book addresses serious issues that face many students around the country.  There are thousands of children in foster care in New York City and the issues that Francesca faces in the book will resonate, not only with them, but with children facing other serious challenges like homelessness and abuse.  I hope you have the opportunity to read "Francesca's Journey", so that you will have a better understanding of the issues facing far too many children in our city.  It is ultimately a book about hope and persistence that I believe will help us all have a deeper understanding of each other."

Jeff Lowell,

Brooklyn resident, Attorney, Child Advocate





                                                                                                                                                                                               July, 2023

Happy Camper,

Have you ever found yourself  on a deadline that you seem to not be able to complete?

If the answer is yes, then you may need to get some additional assistance like an expert.  I was in need of a website for our community Farmers Market and I tried everything to figure it out myself.  Get a domain name, find a hosting site, all of that I found to be VERY COMPLICATED and above my pay grade.  Knowing that I would have to turn around and design it myself just gave me more than a headache.

I called the business, Unlimited 'A'rtist and had a one-on-one FREE consultation with a live person, who was the actual owner.  I quickly realized that I didn't have to go any further!!

All of my needs were going to be met here in a timely fashion and my deadline/deliverables were about to be a thing of the past.  My website was built in a matter of 48 hours!!  After setting up my domain name, selecting a hosting site, being given me options based on my needs for my business, which was all a part of the package I selected.  I then informed Unlimited 'A'rtist of this information and the owner stepped and completed the task>


But before that; Unlimited 'A'rtist was able to compare rates of other hosting sites and gave me the best option based on the needs for my business!!  I am pleased to give this testimonial on Unlimited 'A'rtist; because not only did the owner save the day, but my website is up and functioning well.  It's beautiful and I get many compliments on it.  The BEST thing about Unlimited 'A'rtist was the professionalism, the quick turnaround, their quality deliverables, which was a finished product ready to go 'live' with no kinks in it.

If you are reading this testimonial, then I recommend Unlimited 'A'rtist to you.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!

Thank you, Unlimited 'A'rtist.  You all are the best, a cut above the rest.


Gemstarr Entertainment



"I just read "Francesca's Journey" (October 21, 2023).  Mrs. Dent-Alleyne moved the book along with great speed and interest.  The story was quite captivating!  She wrote the monologue and dialogue exceedingly well!  It excited me as being a person in the Performing Arts.  I look forward to ordering and reading her other book, "Silk"."

                                                   Paul Kwame Johnson

                            Director, The Little Blue Room Theatre Company

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