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Since the age of 14; Athena Dent has put pen to paper, fingers onto a word-processor, then to a computer, words onto a page and then into a book.  ALL of her books are family-friendly.  Mrs. Dent welcomes you into HER WORLD of stories as she continues the TRADITION of STORYTELLING...….

1st Novel- "Silk"

Released in 2008, Mrs. Dent's first novel is about five generational women, who are best friends, but each woman goes through her own personal life situation.

This story focuses on friendship, relationships, womanhood, faith and courage.

In 2018, this novel celebrated its 10th ANNIVERSARY and its REVISED version is BETTER than the original!.

2nd Novel- "One of a Kind Love"

Mrs. Dent's second novel is about two undercover police officers, who are partners.  They develop a friendship and that friendship develops into a LOVE relationship.

Yet, love is NEVER that simple!  

Yet, it is NOT just one plot; there are THREE plots intertwined into one story.

This story focuses on differences, ignorance, secrets, trust, change and most of all...…..LOVE!.

This book celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2020; it will be REVISED and RE-RELEASED in 2022 (NEW publisher and cover).  It will be her sixth novel.

3rd Novel- "Francesca's Journey"

Mrs. Dent's third novel is about a little girl that goes through the Foster Care system.  This YA/Education book addresses various social issues such as abuse, bullying, loss of a parent, change of home environment and self-esteem.

This novel is geared towards parents, educators, professionals and most of all...…..teens (14-21).

This story focuses on change, trust, love and COURAGE!. 

4th Novel- "Emerging Cocoon"

 (Sequel to "Silk")

Mrs. Dent's fourth novel is a SEQUEL that continues the friendship of five southern belles.  In the follow-up to "Silk", they take a well-deserved trip.  But while on this trip, the SECRETS of the friendship EMERGE.

What will transform each woman and their friendship?.

You will have to read this AWARD-WINNING (2017 PHYLLIS WHEATELY AWARD) novel to find out...….

5th Novel:  "Silk"- 10th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2018; this story was UPDATED!  Crystal, Joy, Genny, Margaret & Sylvia, the five southern belles are each going through their own personal life journey.  But just as the original version of the story, they face: Betrayal, change, courage, friendship, trust and most of all......Love.

6th Novel: "One of a Kind Love"- 

10th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2020; the UPDATED completion of this book faced MANY OBSTACLES: Discord with old publisher, COVID Epidemic and financial restraints!!!

But; through prayer, consistency and tenacity, IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! 

This drama, romance & comedy story will take the reader through twists, turns and the UNEXPECTED!

-Is LOVE really complicated or do people make it that way?

- What is the SECRET and WHO is keeping it from Carlos and Crystal?

- HOW does the neighborhood kid that Crystal befriends ties into the ending?

Well, what are YOU waiting for?  

Purchase a copy and warning: 


7th Novel- "The Beginning"

Mrs. Dent's sixth novel is her literary journey COMING FULL CIRCLE!  From when she started writing at the age of 14, this was her first genre of expression.  She will bring to the public 35+ years of poetry! 


8th Novel- "Lady A: The Life of a Teddy Bear"

Mrs. Dent's eighth novel is a HOMAGE to her love for collecting teddy  bears and over 25 years of nurturing and teaching children.  She truly is a 'child at heart'.  It will be a 12-book mini series.  COMING SOON....

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